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thomassamuel 26.05.15 - 07:01pm
Malawi's reggae Kings,The Black Missionaries Band,has this month of april released their 10th debt album songs.

The release of the new album's songs has risen a couple of opinions among their fans,others have criticized the band which is also proudly called by its stage name,MA BLACKS,for not moving with times,others have clinged to the BLACKS side by not changing their love of music towards the Band.

The most interesting thing among all the opinions,is why The blacks being criticized to be backsliding musicall? After having a research a couple of things have been brought to light,one of renowned dancehall artists,CHYCOON,on his facebook page hid no word by expressing his thoughts on the just released songs,on which he criticized the blacks for not using Riddims in their composition and production of their music.

We had a chance to listen to the just released songs,there is one entitled TIDZINGOCHEZA which is enjoying air-play.If you can listen to the tracks it shows the lack of quality in their music comparing to their previous album.

The black Missionaries is one of the well known Bands in Malawi,and was founded in the early 2000's by the late reggae master Evison Matafale,and has until to-date released 10 albums. *

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